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FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 4 Quest Master Guide

FarmVille Chapter 4 Atlantis quests will arrive on Monday, March 25th, 2013 and ends April 4th, 2013.

Use this guide to speed through your questing and be sure to share the news with your farmin’ friends!

FarmVille and Zynga have released the next set of Atlantis Quests! You can now start working on the Atlantis Chapter 4 Quests such as the Surviving the Sea Quest, Outstandingly Ornate Quest, Crossing Paths Quest, Jewelery Without Jewels Quest, Spiral Splendor Quest and the Fit for a Queen Quest.

You can earn rewards such as the Urchinberry Fish, Ornate Sea Tree, The Puffed Patroller, Sea Sheep, Spirobranch Tree, Royal Peganarwhal and of course Coins, XP and SP! Happy Questing!


Surviving the Sea Quest




FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 4 Quest 1: Surveying the Sea
Requirements: Get 7 Urchin Flutes, Harvest 100 Seawatermelons & Harvest Atlantis Palace 2 Times

Urchin FlutesUrchinberry Fish

Rewards: Urchinberry Fish

Outstandingly Ornate Quest

FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 4 Quest 2: Outstandingly Ornate
Requirements: Get 8 Ornate Seeds, Harvest 150 Urchinberry & Harvest Urchinberry Fish 2 Tims

Ornate SeedsOrnate Sea Tree

Rewards: Ornate Sea Tree

Crossing Paths Quest

FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 4 Quest 3: Crossing Paths
Requirements: Get 9 Flounder FLutes, Harvest 200 Planktons & Make Sea Melon Sorbet 2 Times

Flounder FlutesThe Puffed Patroller

Rewards: The Puffed Patroller

Jewelery Without Jewels Quest

FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 4 Quest 4: Jewelery Without Jewels
Requirements: Get 9 Shell Necklaces, Harvest 225 Shellfish & Master Urchinberry Fish to 1-Star

Shell NecklacesSea Sheep

Rewards: Sea Sheep

Spiral Splendor Quest

FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 4 Quest 5: Spiral Splendor
Requirements: Get 10 Spiral Seeds, Harvest 250 Seaweed & Make Shellfish Surprise 2 Times

Spiral SeedsSpirobranch Tree

Rewards: Spirobranch Tree

Fit for a Queen Quest

FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 4 Quest 6: Fit for a Queen
Requirements: Get 12 Armor Pieces, Harvest 275 Aquamarine Roses & Make Plankton Smoothie 1 Time

Armor PiecesRoyal Peganarwhal

Rewards: Royal Peganarwhal





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