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FarmVille Big Harvest Master Quest Guide

This series of FarmVille Big Harvest quests are expected to arrive on Thursday, November 8th 2012.

This is a 14 day quest that will be available for 14 days only.

Use this guide to speed through your questing and be sure to share it with all your farmin’ friends!

FarmVille and Zynga have released the next set of Quests! You can now start working on Harvest Time Quest, Tie it Up Quest, Flail About Quest, Your Biggest Fan Quest, Don’t GetTired Quest, Wave the Flag Quest, Harvest Fun Quest, Tractor Time Quest and the Hot Stuff Quest.

You can earn rewards such as the Grain Bin, Black Ox, Unwither, American Alpine Goat, Turbos,Mystery Game Dart, Black Holstein Cow, Gnome Harvester, Jersey Chicken and of course Coins and XP! Happy Questing!


Harvest Time Quest

FarmVille Big Harvest Quest 1:  Harvest Time
Requirements: Get 6 Sickles, Harvest 50 Wheat & Harvest 2 Chicken Coops

SicklesGrain Bin

Rewards: Grain Bin, 125 XP, & 2,500 Coins

Tie it Up Quest

FarmVille Big Harvest Quest 2: Tie it Up
Requirements: Get 7 Sheaf Ties, Harvest 75 Cotton & Harvest Horse Paddock 2 Times

Sheaf TieBlack Ox

Rewards: Black Ox, 150 XP, & 3,000 Coins


Flail About Quest
FarmVille Big Harvest Quest 3: Flail About
Requirements: Get 8 Flails, Harvest 100 Rye & Harvest Black Ox 2 Times


Rewards: 1x Unwither Spray, 175 XP, & 3,500 Coins

Your Biggest Fan Quest

FarmVille Big Harvest Quest 4: Your Biggest Fan
Requirements: Get 9 Winnowing Fans, Harvest 125 Soybeans & Master Black Ox to 1-Star

Winnowing FanAmerican Alpine Goat

Rewards: American Alpine Goat, 225 XP, & 4,000 Coins

Don't Get Tired Quest

FarmVille Big Harvest Quest 5: Don’t Get Tired
Requirements: Get 9 Tires, Harvest 150 Rice & Harvest American Alpine Goat 2 Times

Tires3 Pack of Turbos

Rewards: 3 Pack of Turbos, 200 XP, & 4,500 Coins

Wave the Flag Quest

FarmVille Big Harvest Quest 6: Wave the Flag
Requirements: Get 9 Flags, Harvest 150 Tomatoes & Master American Alpine Goat to 1-Star

FlagsMystery Game Dart

Rewards: Mystery Game Dart, 275 XP & 5,000 Coins

Harvest Fun Quest
FarmVille Big Harvest Quest 7: Harvest Fun
Requirements: Get 10 Harvest Bins, Harvest 150 Peanuts & Harvest 2 Livestock Habitats

Harvest BinsBlack Holstein Cow

Rewards: Black Holstein Cow, 250 XP & 5,500 Coins

Tractor Time Quest

FarmVille Big Harvest Quest 8: Tractor Time
Requirements: Get 11 Tractor Polish, Harvest 150 Pumpkins & Harvest Black Holstein Cow 2 Times

Tractor PolishGnome Harvester

Rewards: Gnome Harvester, 300 XP,& 6,000 Coins

Hot Stuff Quest

FarmVille Big Harvest Quest 9: Hot Stuff
Requirements: Get 12 Thermoses, Harvest 200 Squash & Master Black Holstein Cow to 1-Star

ThermosJersey Chicken

Rewards: Giant Jersey Chicken, 325 XP & 6,500 Coins





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