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FarmVille:Prize Pigs Guide!

Prize Pigs



Prize Pigs Official Guide

Go hog wild with the Prize Pigs feature! Partner up with fellow Farmers to feed and grow special breeds of Pigs into prize-winning champions, and net yourself some lucrative rewards! 

Place the Prize Pigs Scale to Start Growing Pigs

You will see a popup allowing you to place the Prize Pigs stand. The Prize Pigs structure looks like a scale and will appear illuminated when you are in placement mode:

Once placed, clicking on the Prize Pigs scale brings up these options:

  • Look Inside: Open the Prize Pigs feature to see how many Pigs you have and how much more you need to feed them
  • Move: Move your Prize Pigs Scale
  • Sell: Option to sell the Prize Pigs Scale

Note that there is no building involved with this feature. Once you place the Prize Pig Scale on your Farm, you’re ready to go! To get started, you will see a popup allowing you to place your first pig, which comes free with placing the Prize Pig Scale. 

Some things to keep in mind about placing your first Pig:

  • Prize Piglets don’t need to be placed in any kind of pen or structure to be raised—just place them anywhere on your Farm!
  • When you start out, you can place up to three Piglets on your Farm.
  • You can pay 25 Farm Cash to unlock the ability to grow more Pigs at once.

Grow Your Pig with Pig Chow to Earn Great Prizes!

With the Prize Pigs feature, you raise and feed your very own Prize Piglet into a huge, healthy Prize Pig! You’re trying to beat the clock and feed your Pig as much as you can in 7 days. At the end of 7 days, or once you’ve fed your Pig 100 Pig Chows (whichever of these happens first) you can weigh your Pig and win prizes.

Get As Much Pig Chow As You Can in a Week

You can get Pig Chow in a number of ways:

* Ask for Chow: You can post a request to your news feed asking for Pig Chow once every 8 hours.

* Nudge (Remind) Your Partner: Reminding your Partner to feed your shared pig will post a message on your Partner’s wall with a Pig Chow

* Clicking on Friends’ Feeds: Grab buckets of Pig Chow from friends who are sharing

* Craft Pig Chow: You can make Pig Chow in the Craftshop! Get Parsnip, Wheat, and Sorghum bushels to craft the recipe.

* Purchase with Farm Cash: Like other Consumables, Pig Chow is purchasable in the Market in packages of 5, 15, and 25 for Farm Cash. You can also purchase and feed 1 Pig Chow at a time through the bubble above the active pig or from inside the Pig Scale.

Like other Consumables, the Pig Chow you acquire goes into your gift box, but does show up as available in the Pig Scale window when you Look Inside.

Grow Pigs Faster With Friends

Once you place your Pig, you can mouse over him and click on a blue button that says “Add Friend.” Clicking this button will allow you to choose a FarmVille friend to send a request to help you feed your Pig. When a friend accepts your request for help, his or her Facebook profile picture will hover over your Prize Pig Scale.

NOTE: Requests from your friends to help feed their Pigs will show up in the Prize Pig feature itself, not their FarmVille inbox. Check the Prize Pig Scale to see if your friend’s profile picture is hovering over it—that is the signal that someone has sent you a Prize Pigs request! You can see all Prize Pig requests under the “Requests” tab inside the Prize Pigs feature:

Once your friend accepts this request, the two of you can then work together to supply the Pig with as much feed as you can before time runs out. Any Pig Chow that either of you gives to the Pig will count toward growing him. 

Weigh Your Pig to Claim a Prize

Once your Pig is fully-grown, it’s time to do the Weigh-In and collect your prizes!
When you weigh in your Pig, you will see a final weight, along with three prizes that you can win for growing your Pig. Some of the prizes will be things that you can use on your Farm (Turbo Charges, Unwither, etc.) and others will be a collectible item that you can only get through the Prize Pigs feature. Best of all, if you worked with a friend to grow your pig, you both get these prizes!

Once you’ve weighed your Pig, you free up space to start growing a new one! 

Play More to Unlock Mystery Pigs

When you first start growing Pigs, you will only be able to grow three of them at once. But as you grow more and more Pigs, you can unlock additional space to grow more Pigs at once. 

Pigs for the Prize Pig feature come in four varieties: Magnificent Pigs, Noble Pigs, Fabulous Pigs, and Majestic Pigs. You can purchase these Pigs only by clicking the “Pig Market” tab in the Prize Pigs feature.

When you purchase a new Pig, it will appear on your Farm in its infant state. Once you grow it up, it transforms into one of five different collectible Mystery Pigs within that variety. For example, when you purchase a Magnificent Pig (like the one you get for free when you place the Prize Pig Scale) you get a little brown piglet. That piglet will grow into one of five mystery Magnificent Pigs:






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