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Guide to FarmVille Turbo Chargers

Howdy Farmers!
Now you can plow,plant and harvest faster than ever with turbo charger default.When you click on your motorized farm aides, you’ll see an option above your fuel. Just click in the box to allow turbo charger to be used immediately.
If you don’t want the Turbo Charger to be your default, simply uncheck the box to default to fuel.

The new Turbo Chargers are now available in the Market! This new consumable will allow you to farm with just a single click!

Turbo Chargers can be found by clicking on the “Fuel” tab in the “Farm Aides” section of the Market. You can purchase Turbo Chargers in packs of 3, 15 or 60.
3 Turbo Chargers – 7 Farm Cash
15 Turbo Chargers – 28 Farm Cash
60 Turbo Chargers – 65 Farm Cash

Turbo Chargers will allow you to farm an entire field of plots (or crops), depending on what vehicle you select. For example, if you need to plow a field of fallow plots, you can opt to use a Turbo Charger and it will give you the option to plow all of the applicable plots on your farm in a single click.

After purchasing Turbo Chargers, they will not appear in your gift box.

Once you select which vehicle you would like to use to farm (Tractor, Seeder, Harvester or Combine), a bar will appear above your fuel that displays the number of Turbo Chargers that are in your inventory. To use a Turbo Charger, make sure to check the box in the bar. If this box is unchecked, you will not use a Charger.

Once you have checked the box, hover your mouse over a plot you would like to Farm. The Turbo Charger will automatically select all applicable plots on your farm. Please note: When using a Turbo Charger, you will still be deducted the appropriate amount of fuel for each action. This means that if you use a Turbo Charger to plow 20 plots, you would be deducted 20 units of fuel.
Additional Information:

When using your Combine, you will use multiple Turbo Chargers, as a combine does multiple farming actions at a single time (Plowing, planting and harvesting). If you use your combine, you will be charged one Turbo Charger per farming action (three Turbo Chargers in total).
Happy Farming!

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